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This month we'll be featuring art by Jake Beeson (Tulsa, OK) & Chris Foxworth (Kansas City, KS). Letters & Lyricists will be an artistic tribute to hip-hop music and culture. We are really looking forward to this event and the work that Jake and Chris are creating. To see snippets and sneak peeks, follow them both on Instagram:
@JakeBson & @Designy_Sometimey

The show will be coinciding with LIVE on the Plaza, Sept. 12th from 7-11pm

Don't miss out on this show! Great art by Jake Beeson & Chris Foxworth, plus great music by vinyl DJs, DamnHaze!

Jake Beeson JakeBson Chris Foxworth Designy_Sometimey Plaza District Oklahoma City Hip Hop Art Tree And Leaf TML


The time of year is upon us when the sun starts casting longer shadows earlier in the evening. During this time of year, at 7am or 7pm, the temperature seems to be absolutely perfect. Every restaurant patio in the Plaza is buzzing with activity and front porch dwelling becomes a consistent night cap to each beautiful night. The inconsistent chaos of summer begins to settle as students return to school and we all begin to restablished our regular routines. As quickly as we anticipate summer, we begin anticipating fall. The time of year is upon us when we beckon the follicly extraordinary to compete in what is and what will be the Grow A Beard Competition!

Grow A Beard Oklahoma City Beard Growing Contest 2014 Plaza District Tree And Leaf Clothing

I can't believe this is our 4th year to host this competition! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this unusual event, let me provide you with the basic rules of engagement:

- SUBMIT A CLEAN SHAVE PHOTO: The latest you can submit your photo is 11:59pm (Monday, Sept. 1st). This is for the beard GROWING contest, you have to shave your already existing beard to compete. Send your photos pre cropped to 700x700. You will not be discredited if you do not have these capabilities, but it seriously helps us in uploading them faster. Email your photo to Along with your photo, send a brief bio telling us about who you are, what you do, and whatever other nonsense you want to include.

- SEND A PHOTO EVERY MONDAY: We will be posting a blog with updated photos every Tuesday for the duration of the competition. This means we need your photo every wednesday by midnight. Be creative, have fun, entertain the spectators, and feel free to talk a little smack.

- LAST: You have to last the entire 2 months to be eligible to win.

- OTHER RULES: You can only win one category. I (Dusty Gilpin) will participate but cannot win. Every participant that lasts the entire 2 months will recieve a parting gift. Winners of the main 4 categories will recieve some amazing gifts from local businesses. The final party, award ceremony, and on site judging will be held in The Plaza with location and time to be announce.

CATEGORIES: Fullest Beard, Best Mustache, People's Choice, Beard Fail. Contest will be decided by an internet poll. Barbers Choice and will be judged LIVE by a panel of judges including Carwin's Shave Shop head barber, Chuck Naifeh!

Biggest Beard: Exactly how it sounds. We're looking for the longest, bushiest, testosterone charged, unadulterated 2 month master grower of beardliness.

Best Mustache: This category is for the guys who can't quite get the full beard growing, but can still don some wicked lip hair. Also a good route for industry professionals who might have rules about facial hair.

People's Choice: This is a no holds bar competition. All is fair play. This category will also be decided by an online poll, so entertaining the audience with creative and ridiculous photos is encouraged.

Beard Fail: This category is to reward the men with real heart out there. They know they can't grow a beard, but they'll try anyway. A patchy, uneven, doesn't-quite-grow-in-some-spots beard is what we're looking for.

Barber's Choice: Barber's Choice is a category for the creative. Last year a "Monkey Tail" walked away with this prize. Starburns, Warrio Mustache, Fanz Joseph, Chin Curtian, etc... This category is all about style.

PRIZES: This is the best part. As you can see we only have 5 categories, so these prize packs are always great. Anyone that's attended the event in the past knows that we get the best local businesses to donate gifts to our winners. Gift certificates, high quality shaving supplies, clothing, art, food vouchers.... This is the only contest where you don't have to do anything to win.

We look forward to your participation! Get prepped up for 2 months of no-shaving, and get your trash talk ready for the competition!

I don't want to hear any hubbub about this being a chauvinistic or sexist contest. It is what it is, we love the ladies but for the judge's sake this contest is for GENTLEMEN ONLY.

For previous participants, we'll be making a few minor changes this year:

- Last year, we held the final event during a LIVE on the Plaza. While this was fun, it made it rather difficult to park, attend, and host. This year, the final 'Beard Party' will be on Tuesday, October 28th. Hosting the event on a weekday should allow for a less chaotic event and greater attendance.

- We'll be using #GrowABeardOK as the official hashtag for the event. Last year, we used a few different variations that weren't specific enough to find our participants' posts on social media. This should allow for more social interaction, trash talk, and beard camraderie.

- I think we lost a little bit of the sociable dynamic to the contest last year. In attempts to keep the contest personal, we ask that you submit a short bio along with your first picture. With a bio, we'll be able to highlight you as a contestant and it will help spark commentary throughout the entire contest.


That's it! If you know someone that might be a good contestant, share this page with them. The more the merrier! We're excited for another hilHAIRious contest!


Our retail store will be closed Friday, July 4 for the Fourth of July.  We will reopen on Saturday, July 5.  Our hours on Saturday will be Noon to 6pm.

Our Print Shop will be closed Thursday, July 3 thru Sunday, July 6.

Thank you and Happy Fourth of July!


Tony Thunder Drawlings Oklahoma City Art Plaza District Skateboard Jabee

During the next LIVE on the Plaza, we'll be hosting artist Tony Thunder AND musical guest Jabee! Summer LIVEs are absolutely crazy. The atmosphere is rich with energy and vibing with creativity. The streets and businesses are flooded with patrons of all generations anxious to endulge their senses with flavors, sights, and sounds of Oklahoma City culture. Tony has long been a friend of Tree & Leaf. This will be the 4th time we've featured his art in our store, and he never disappoints. His art is deeply creative and always very saturated with bright colors and lively illustrations. Note: this show may feature some content not suitable for kiddie kids, so keep their eyes diverted toward the t-shirts!

Along with the art, Jabee will be performing in the backyard of our store. So grab a drink and check out some great art and hear some great music!

I've interviewed Tony about his art before, but wanted to catch up since it's been a year since we've shown his work. Here's a brief interview about what to expect from hisl show:

Alright dude! What do you have planned for this upcoming show?

Lots of blood, pizzas, hamburgers and portraits of George Clooney.. naw just playin. You know, just tons of drawings and sketches i kick out from my head everyday. i got a couple of paintings and a pretty nice print that i think alot of people will enjoy. also i'll have a couple of T-shirts, it should be good.

Tony Thunder Oklahoma City Plaza District Tree And Leaf Art

Sounds like a pretty straightforward Tony Thunder show to me! On the flier you placed a 'Rated R' logo. Is there anything in particular that people need to know before checking out the art?

Haha i thought it just looked cool on there like an old movie poster hah, but you know with art everything means something in some way or form. So, i guess yeah sometimes my drawings and sketches are for mature audiences and sometimes even offend people. I dont know, i've been in this weird spot where it's like i want to write and illustrate kids books and appeal to kids and parents, but then its like sometimes i feel like i need to draw a person with their face melted off with a knife in their back with a word bubble that says " F-You" and then i post it to my instagram and its like man maybe i shouldn't have done that.. but then it's like, i've always been myself. i dont want change that. Overall, i'll try to keep it clean, but there might be something that's "NSFW" hah

Tony Thunder Oklahoma City Plaza District Tree And Leaf Art

Ha ha! Being a new(er) father, has raising a child changed the way you create art? Or view it?

No not at all. everything is the same pretty much. He gets scared of my art sometimes though. He'll shake his finger at it and be like "No,No Mun-Schur." and then he'll be like "Daddy did it!" it's awesome, but no its been business as usual since he came on the scene.

That's great! How many pieces do you think you'll have for this event?

Not sure on this one. Like i said i got ALOT of original sketches that I'm willing to let go, but im not sure how many actual paintings i'll have, we'll have to see.  I'll also have a life sized George Clooney sculpture installment that will be for sale..  maybe..

Tony Thunder Oklahoma City Plaza District Tree And Leaf Art

Can't wait! Well I know this interview was much more brief than the previous, but by this point, I think our reader's have a pretty good idea of the great art to expect from you!
Anything else in particular you want to leave us with? DrawLings, skateboarding, music, nonsense, 19, Road to Nowhere, life in general….etc?

I just want to thank Tree and Leaf and everyone else that supports my art. It should be a pretty rad night, mark your calendars, spread the word! bring your brothers and sisters, wifes, cousins and friends lets get rowdy and enjoy the night. You wont be disappointed! One Love!

Tony Thunder Oklahoma City Plaza District Tree And Leaf Art

We're excited for Tony's show, and highly encourage you to attend. We'll have some special releases we'll announce later this week! See you soon!


Good Wood Art Show Villa Villians Brass Bell Studios Tall Hill Creative Oklahoma City Art Skateboard Show Decks

We are really looking forward to the Good Wood Art Show this weekend at Brass Bell Studios and Tall Hill Creative! This show will feature 60+ customized skate decks from around the region. Here are some images of a few completed decks, but search the hashtag #GoodWoodShow on Instagram or Facebook and you'll find some wonderful work in progress images of submissions for the show. This will definitely be a show you don't want to miss. If you happen to be out of town over the weekend, stay posted with Brass Bell Studios for information about upcomming events and more opportunities to see great, great local art.

Good Wood Art Show Villa Villians Brass Bell Studios Tall Hill Creative Oklahoma City Art Skateboard Show Decks

Ashley Smith, No Regrets Tattoo & Brass Bell Studios


Good Wood Art Show Villa Villians Brass Bell Studios Tall Hill Creative Oklahoma City Art Skateboard Show Decks

Erik Lawson, Rok Solid Design


Good Wood Art Show Villa Villians Brass Bell Studios Tall Hill Creative Oklahoma City Art Skateboard Show Decks

Jake Beeson,

Good Wood Art Show Villa Villians Brass Bell Studios Tall Hill Creative Oklahoma City Art Skateboard Show Decks

Dusty Gilpin, Tree & Leaf Clothing