Kevin Durant: Mr. Reliable

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If you live within a billion miles of Oklahoma City you probably know that our hometown hero, Kevin Durant, won the most prestigious individual seasonal title in professional basketball. While being named Most Valuable Player is an award for individual effort and achievement, it couldn't have been more humbly accepted. I mean, I was humbled just watching his acceptance speech. It's crazy to think about how his achievements trickle down to benefit our small business and our surrounding community. It's amazing to me that he can passively attribute his success to the efforts of others. Although the profit from the shirts we print wouldn't be a sneeze in comparison to Mr. Durant's yearly income, we are super grateful for him and the Thunder. I'll probably never get to tell KD thanks in person, but I am sincerely thankful for all they do for our city directly and indirectly.

We made this tee to commemorate his recently acquired MVP title and to note that he's really been nothing more than reliable.

NBA Playoffs 2014

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This year we will be printing our 5th Playoff shirt in collaboration with We are very proud of our team and their season. Here is the image we'll be printing, and we will be posting very soon how we'll be doing this year's release. The playoff tee releases we've had have always been a lot of fun and we'll make sure this one is just as good. Stay posted! Below the image are links to desktop and phone background size images!

Phone wallpaper: CLICK HERE

Desktop wallpaper: CLICK HERE

Happy New Year!

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It's been a while since we've updated the blog! We've been busy cranking out new apparel and gearing up for another wonderful year! It's crazy to think that 2014 will mark the 8th year T&L has been in business. Wow. Thank you all for constantly supporting us as individuals, our custom printshop, and our apparel line/retail store. We couldn't be here without you and we are constantly humbled by your loyalty. We'll make this text brief and just show a few new things around the shop...