Late Night with Tree & Leaf


Another Taco Tuesday in the books.

You know, it's good to be a regular somewhere. You walk through the doors, everybody's waving you aboard like it's Cheers. If you've never been a regular somewhere, take my advice:

Take some time out, pick your place. It doesn't have to be too fancy. You'll have something to look forward to, and pretty soon people will start to recognize you. Next thing you know, the guac doesn't cost extra, not for you.

Yo! Annual festival just ten days away, sandwiched between the beginning and end of the Oklahoma State Fair. We'll live print exclusives throughout the day of the festival (Sep 24th). As for the fair, we've got another 18 (!!!) muralists lined up. Stop by Saturday (17th) anytime 10 - 6 to meet some of the best local artists and watch these guys sling spray paint.

Lastly, and we'll be talking about this a lot in the coming weeks, we're coming up on TEN YEARS in the biz. We're going to be celebrating a decade of printing, painting, and community with a backyard bash on 10/9. From now until 10/2, share a pic repping your favorite @treeandleaf gear and we'll hook you up with VIP prizes during the event, including a free limited release T. More details forthcoming - STAY TUNED!


STATE OF THE UNIONSteven SilvaComment

Hi-ho, hey Wednesday reader, @freakinsilva here, welcome back to another exciting blog post. Plaza Beer Walk tonight! You can drink and support local schools at the same time, it's a great cause. Follow the new @PlazaBeerWalk for more info.

Last day of August, 2016. We're turning a corner on another toasty summer, so if you're one of those people who's constantly complaining about how hot it is, just do me a favor and hang in there a few more weeks. Your time is coming. 

In-store, we're lining up pieces for our fall collection and preparing to roll out some changes on the ol' website. Great news if you love snuggling sweatshirts and being on the internet looking at sweatshirts. That's a great life.

And with that, as the thermometer continues to spit out bearable temperatures, we'll look to utilize our terrific backyard space more and more regularly. Dust and his dad built a mini-stage in the northeast corner along the fence, which gets a really nice patch of shade. It's going to be a great way to feature local musicians and kick back old school BBQ style. Stay tuned for updates on which bands are coming out and when. 

Okay, what's next? In the spirit of keeping things fresh and orderly, we also hired the very gnarly @matthildebeast. Matt is handy with a camera and an absolute maniac on a bicycle. He flies around doing tricks 95% of people are too scared to try. I'm worried about getting mustard on my shirt, and this guy is jumping off staircases and riding his bike sideways on the walls like he's in the Matrix. It's amazing. You need to stop by the store so you have a chance to meet this daredevil in-person. He's really going to help us out.

And finally, a few things that will get their own posts - Live on the Plaza coming up next Friday (9/9), 18 more artists for this year's OK State Fair graffiti jam, and three cheers to another year of Tree + Leaf at the December Pop-Up Shops! Plus the brand is coming up on its 10-year anniversary! How long do we have to wait before putting "EST XXXX" doesn't look tacky? If you're new - Welcome! If you're old - Thanks for the support over the years. Stick around! There's more murals, more design projects, more spotlighting local artists, more gear, and of course, more comfy, screenprinted Ts on the way.

Til next time