HabitFest 2018

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I drove up to Tulsa on Saturday to hang with the Clean Hands homies and a dozen other talented artists. It was one of those fantastically long days driving up at 6am and back by 11pm, getting baked in the sun, and painting all day. Painting murals is a blast, especially when surrounded by other great artists. Big thank you to, Aaron Whisner, Jake Beeson, and Justin Baney for hosting the event and taking care of all the artists. They are a pretty great posse and I'd poach them all from Tulsa and bring them to OKC if I could. Tulsa is a much cooler town because of those dudes!


Here's a little time lapse of the paint process. Nothing too special, I'll get to practicing on my video set up and editing....

What's Been Happening?!


It's been over a month since our farewell party, a lot has been going on and updating the blog is the bottom of the totem pole. This will be a long one to update you on art we've worked on, upcoming projects, and a recap of our wonderful going away party. I'll do my best to keep everything brief!

February 3rd was the second best day of my life. Our going away party was a night that I will never forget. I am so thankful for everyone that came out to visit. People traveled from far and wide to give their condolences and wish me luck moving forward. Evan Sartin (a regular Drink & Draw attendee) drove all the way from Houston just to be at the event, and that means a ton.

Zac Hatlestad took a ton of wonderful photos, and my friend Dane Karr edited this really great video. Check them both out below. Huge thanks to The Mule for providing the bar. The Nghiems and Vonna Pearl provided incredible music throughout the night. Andy Rine, Avery Cannon, Taylor Dickerson, Steven Silva, Lambo, and Jabee, all roasted me pretty brutally - it was fantastic!

"So, Chump, what have you been doing for the last month?"

I'm glad you asked! The last month has been a combination of cleaning, organizing, and working. You'd be amazed at how much stuff there can be in a 1200 sq. ft. store. My printshop started to look like the junk drawer of my life, and that needed to change. I spent a week cleaning and organizing both my printshop and my home office. Both are now functional workspaces where I will be spending my day-to-day.


On top of cleaning, I've had a few really great projects roll through. First, I was commissioned again by my friends at 405 Yoga to paint their main studio room. About a year ago, I painted their main entryway with a multicolored triangle pattern and we replicated it on a much larger scale. The mural is 30 feet wide and 16 feet tall. It really brightens up the room and adds a ton of energy to the space.


I also had an opportunity to work on another great project with Tower Theatre. They hosted a Coen Brothers Film Festival and had me do a series of posters for the event. It was one of those projects I couldn't refuse, and the guys at Tower are always awesome to work with.

I did posters for Fargo, True Grit, and The Big Lebowski. Here is an image of the Lebowski poster. I now have a little more time to focus on projects like these, so I had the time to hand draw the characters. We do have a limited few remaining, so I'll get them listed on the website soon.


Lastly, I was invited to paint this weekend at the Milk Crate Jam 2! Last year I was out of town during this event and I was super bummed. I'm really looking forward to getting to paint with my friends this Saturday on Gatewood and 16th. Come hang out!


Our Design and Mural Services


It's obvious that we are a t-shirt and gift shop in the Plaza District. However, a lot of our customers don't know that we also offer design and mural services. I (Dusty) have been doing branding and print design and mural installation for over 10 years. When I am not in the store, I am likely printing/designing in our little shop or on site painting a mural.

The services that we provide are crucial to our brand's existence. The supplemental income that we receive for our contract services help us invest into more exciting events and quality products. I staff a very proficient graphic designer, Steven Silva, and a wonderful photographer and printer, Jacob Danley. The services we offer are timely, affordable, professional, and most importantly, honest.

When installing murals we often collaborate and contract with some of the best artists in Oklahoma; Tanner Frady, Jason Pawley, Jake Beeson, Dylan Bradway, and Kris Kanaly to name a few. We will gladly draft and install a mural of your provided artwork or create a unique piece of art for you from scratch.

I would love for you to check out my personal portfolio website: and inquire about mural and design services for your personal or commercial needs!

You can contact me for inquiries and quotes at or in our store from Tues. - Sat. 11:00-7:00 at (405) 557-1900.

We look forward to working with you!