Artist Line: Erin Robinson

PRODUCTSDusty GilpinComment

Now that's my kind of talk mister....We've just crushed out the newest addition to the Tree & Leaf Artist Line. If you aren't familiar with the Artist Line, we have offered to print shirts for a few local artists at no cost. The artist makes 30% and all shirts are limited prints! (That means you get a shirt (piece of art) that no one else has!)

This month we are very proud to release a shirt designed by our first female employee Erin Walters! Erin graduated from Oklahoma State University and is now currently employed in Texas as a graphic designer. She has an incredible style and if you love her work like we do, you may even be interested in the 5 foot by 5 foot painting that adorns our wall!

Here's a snapshot of the shirt that Erin designed. Check it out and get it while it's HOT!

We also just restocked our supply of MIDWEST shirts. Here's a photo and the inventory is freshly updated also. Represent with the M-Dub tee today!