T-Shirts Are Better.

Dusty GilpinComment

Tree & Leaf Clothing has been in existence since October of 2005. Prior to starting this business, John Milner and I had very little to no experience in screen printing let alone knowledge of the ability and power a mere t-shirt has. I am rarely given the opportunity to expound on just why a t-shirt is one of if not the best advertising method. Here are a few factors that have readily reiterated themselves to me since I've been in the t-shirt business. My family has owned a graphic design firm since 1952, and I've been around every type of advertising available. I am convinced that t-shirts are the most effective and price efficient form of advertising available.

T-shirts last longer.

When deciding what media to use for your next advertising campaign consider how long your advertisement will be publicly visible. For a 1/4 page ad you'll be paying about $400 per ad run in a weekly publication. You could take one weeks worth of advertising ($400) and get approximately 50 one color front and back t-shirts at Tree & Leaf. The advertisement in the newsprint may only last a month, however it is safe to say that the t-shirts can be worn for over a year, with a print size of 13"x15".

T-shirts are conversation starters.

Those same 50 shirts you purchased will undoubtably be seen throughout your local area if not outside your state. Depending on the demographic of t-shirt wearer, you're shirt could be seen by thousands of people annually. In many situations, your advertisement can become much more than just a print, but a conversation starter. There is no one better to talk about your company, event, or website than an active consumer within your business and wearer of your t-shirt. Small talk and personality go a long way in advertising and t-shirts open dialogue.

People WANT t-shirts.

If you decide to use your shirts as a money maker, you can easily charge double the cost of goods. If you decide to use your shirts as a giveaway promotion, you will never run short of individuals willing to accept and wear a free t-shirt. We've all seen people fight over t-shirts at sporting events and concerts - the masses want free t-shirts.

If you are interested in using t-shirts as advertising Tree & Leaf can offer you youthful innovation, design, and atmosphere. We have no hidden fees throughout the screen printing process and can offer you the best product available on the market. For information regarding our custom screen printing business feel free to visit the Print Shop tab in the upper left hand corner or call us at (405) 728.2026.

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