5 Years....WHOA!

PRINTSHOPDusty GilpinComment

John brought to my attention that 5 years ago we unboxed our first screen printing press in a garage owned by our friend Rob Bennett. We had absolutely no idea on how to print and no experience owning a printing company or running a clothing line. I was the youngest owner at only 20 years old. We originally started with 4 owners; John Milner, Chase Kerby, Bryson Panas, and myself. While Chase and Bryson have chosen equally great paths, T&L still remains. It has been so much more work than we would have ever expected, and we worked for two years before we ever cut paychecks.

We are very grateful to you for all the support you've offered us throughout the years. It has been nothing but progression and we are humbled to know that we would not be where we are at today if it wasn't for our customers, fellow small businesses, family, and friends. Thanks!