All Dae & The Beard!

DailyThunderDusty GilpinComment

We've got a couple new Daily Thunder tees that I'm really stoked about. We love our team, and this is the best way we know how to support them:

ALL DAE: Daequan Cook has been blowing up our Twitter feed over this shirt. We're always glad when the players get excited about our shirts and designs. Thanks Dae!

Here's the shirt, get one and tweet him know you love it and support him. He'll probably tweet ya back!

I have a feeling this next one will sell very fast. We've got a shirt right now for James Harden, but this one has a unique twist that I think could start a little tradition...

 Dae shirts are online now, and The Beard shirts will be online later. Enjoy the game if you're going tonight, cheer loud and THUNDER UP!!