Always Refreshing.

PRODUCTSDusty GilpinComment

Here's the newest release for our March Madness weekly shirt release. Everything we've released in the last few weeks will be in the web store soon, we just wanted to give our locals the opportunity to get stuff before the out-of-towners get it all online. Todays release features Tree & Leaf in the neon light of a nostalgic beer label motif.

The first colorway comes on Camel with a three color washed yellow, red, and dark brown print. I think this color option plays perfectly for a great outdoorsy summer ale shirt.

The second colorway is more of light brew option, not so heavy! Classic light grey, blue, and white print.

Oh what's that Tanner? Get a FREE KOOZIE with the purchase of the new shirt? Sounds perfect!

Seriously to tap off your week, you ale should bring some buds and hop on over to pick up a new brew shirt to cover your sixpack. It would be a wasted opportunity if you missed picking up this ice cold combo!