Better Block OKC

Dusty GilpinComment

The Better Block OKC was a fantastic event held on 7th and Hudson this weekend showing that a few empty buildings on an empty street can potentially be an economic and creative hot spot. Kristen Vails of the Plaza District and Allison Bailey of ShopCrawlr co-directed the event with the help of a couple dozen amazing volunteers. The event was a huge success and went to show that with a very small budget and a lot of hard work you can create a really amazing community from very little. Tree & Leaf had its hand in on the action, our own Tanner Frady was a featured artist painting some really great characters on the side of a Hudson street side building. After the event, we all hung out in an empty lot and watched the OKC Thunder playoff game. A great end to a great day. While our pictures feature the T&L chumps hanging out, they may not do the bulk of the event justice. My ramblings only feature a small portion of the event. For some great commentary and pictures of the event I suggest you check out WeHaveMotive and the thoughts of Steve Lackmeyer at OKC Central.

Hustling out free H2O to the passersby.

Tanner Frady was Thundering Up all weekend. He single-handedly won the game on Saturday night.

Look at this cool dude.

Two chumps, two Tree & Leaf shirts, two Tree and Leaf skatedecks, three panels of awesome artwork.

Thunderin' Up.

The Thunder Block OKC.

Beastie Boys.

To get involved with Better Block OKC, visit their site here. This is an ongoing event across the city. Huge amounts of appreciation to all those involved. You guys are doing amazing work for the city!