Buffalo Totem!

ARTDusty GilpinComment

If you haven't met Jason Pawley or Kaley Morlock yet, you are seriously missing out on knowing good people. Jason has been a friend of Tree & Leaf for a long time, participated in Rollin' Deep, and many other art shows we've been involved with throughout the years. He and Kaley are about to take their art to the next level by opening a gallery in the beautiful Paseo District!

Buffalo Totem is a wonderfully intimate and homey gallery that the two will be opening THIS FRIDAY featuring artwork by Dylan Bradway, Tanner Frady, and Sean Vali, to name a few. We will also be selling some goods out of their space, so please come out and visit their gallery this weekend!

This quote from their Facebook Page should get you excited with what they're doing!

"Where watermelons are vegetables, birds have scissor tails, home where the buffalo roam. We are Buffalo Totem, Okie inspired art and apparel. We are do-it-yourself, community driven individuals. We believe our money should circulate in our great state and support the folks who comprise it. We offer genuine, handmade clothing, knicknacks and artwork for the Okies, by the Okies."