Do you guys have any of those 'BEARD' shirts?

Dusty GilpinComment

Answer in short: no.

For some, a simple 'no' is suffice. For others a detailed explanation is required as to when, where, why (or why not) - we'll be printing more Thunder inspired DailyThunder shirts this season. As the Thunder near a Championship appearance, the demand for our DailyThunder shirts is greater than it's ever been. We sincerely love our team. We love doing business with Royce and We strongly supports what it offers our team and fans....

BUT we must maintain the integrity of our brand and apparel.

The bottom lines when printing our shirts is maintaining a superior quality and maintaining the value of the shirt for the loyal customers. We've been printing apparel since the first release in November 2009 the 13EARD shirt since December 2011. To our longtime loyal customers, our Thunder shirts aren't new. 

If we rush print enough for everyone and fill all online and instore demands; we sacrifice our quality and value.

We will absolutely be printing more DailyThunder shirts. We may even print a Finals shirts - maybe not. It just depends on if we think the print and design are of Tree&Leaf quality.

Hopefully it's apparent 'quality over quantity' is our mantra. We hope you respect our demand for superior products, and hope you understand that a bandwagon rush is not a valid enough reason for us to sacrifice that quality.


Thank you to all our long-time loyal fans, and those of you who not only buy our Thunder gear but also the Tree & Leaf brand. We limit our quantities and keep our quality standards high for you.