Drink & Draw!

Drink And DrawDusty GilpinComment

First and foremost - I'm apologizing for John and I both because we haven't blogged in a month. We have been working hard and have a lot of cool stuff coming this spring. The nonblogging was totally worth the progression of the brand!


For the last two years, inconsistently I've had an unofficial Thursday Night Sketch Session. It's attended by a great group of my artist friends when we're all available. As nerdy as it may sound, we just sit around a draw. Everyone has their own style and subject matter. Sometimes we exchange sketchbooks, make stickers, occasionally someone works on school art projects or design work thumbnails. Whatever the case - we sit and draw and critique. In my humble opinion, it is one of the best methods for progessing artistically.

Since I've been busy and inconsistent with hosting the sessions at my house, I've decided that I'll make it more of a commitment in order to keep me accountable to drawing. Now EVERY THURSDAY from 8 to 11pm at the TREE & LEAF store, I'll leave the doors open for ANYONE to come draw.

(Even if you don't draw you are more than welcome to attend. If you have design questions or questions about the brand or running your own business or screenprinting, I'll be here to chat. We're not selling anything, we're just hanging out.)

I've got a couple big tables and a bunch of chairs, so bring your sketchbooks, and pencils, and snacks, and beer or whatever beverages you want to consume. It'll be rad...and dorky. I know initially this will be slow, I'm not expecting a massive art party. Either way, I'll be here drinkin a cold couple and drawing cartoons. Maybe we'll see ya.