Green & Grilled, The Society, Mustache Bash...

Dusty GilpinComment

We're excited to have a new restaurant in our plaza! If you haven't been to Green & Grilled yet, I highly recommend it. All the food is organic and most ingredients are local. The atmosphere is super clean, and you can chill and use their wi-fi too. My first experience was great. I was greeted by the owner Juan who explained all the menu options. I took his recommendation of the grilled chicken and apple salad and it was excellent. Anyway, next time you're by the shop, drive around the corner and hit up Green and Grilled for some eats. Tell them we sent you over!

I also did two live paintings this last week. One for the Mustache Bash, and a collab piece with the infamous Dylan Bradway. The piece for Mustache Bash was a lot of fun, real whimsical. I've been enjoying painting characters lately. Characters are much more of a crowd pleaser then graffiti letters, but it's been fun.

Dean Wilhite took this photo with his iPhone. He has a pretty sweet fisheye lens that sits on top of his phone. (Beard is coming in nicely... Look forward to my "GROW-A-BEARD" blog.)


The piece I did for The Society Launch actually got blown over when a storm rolled in. Dylan went to catch the piece and some ink got splattered across the canvas! It actually made it look kind of cool! Check out my emo skull-squid-can's running mascara:


This piece will be finished up and put on sell. It won't take too long to finish. If you're interested in purchasing this piece, feel free to email me at