Hector Lopez

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You probably don't know who Hector Lopez is, but you probably like his artwork. You actually have probably had Hector's art as your phone or computer background, or moreso might have a piece of Hectors hand drawn artwork in your house or office. Hector is my favorite local artist, and watching Hector work honestly leaves me floored. His lines and anatomies are precise, and he works quicker and more fluidly than any other artist I've ever met. Who is Hector Lopez, and why hasn't he had an art show?

Hector fine tuned his artistic skills when he picked up a job at Universal Studios California as a caricature artist. He'd never caricatured before, but after picking up a few trade secrets he became a quick draw. He moved to Oklahoma and began drawing caricatures for the Oklahoma City Hornets in Loud City. While the team has changed to the Thunder, Hector is still at every home game drawing caricatures for free. Hector's general goal is approximates 3-5 minutes per drawing. If you do the math, that's A LOT of caricatures. On top of being (probably) the best caricature artist in Oklahoma, he's also an amazing illustrator. This is the piece I'm sure has adorned your computer background:

I was a fan of Hector before I met Hector through our mutual friend Jerrod Smith. Since we met almost two years ago, Hector and I have drawn together many times. He's an original OG of Drink And Draw, and each time I draw with Heck I become a better artist. I honestly can't speak positively enough about him, and as much as I brag - he's always quick to shun the compliments and humbly keep sketching away.

I'm very anxious to see what Hector has in store for his poster print, and doubly excited to see the works he'll be showing. The show will be on July 27th and will be from 8-11pm. Join us in supporting another amazing local artists. In the meantime, make sure to visit Hector's deviantART page and view his current portfolio HERE.