New Space Photos

PRINTSHOPDusty GilpinComment

I exploit Tanner Frady for his camera pretty regularly because I don't have one. So today when he headed up to work I told him to bring his camera and get some pictures of our new space. This is just a taste of what we have going on here. We are so happy to be in this space, and if you haven't been by yet, make sure to come to our Open House on July 30th!

This is the backbone of T&L. These guys help keep the wheels turning on the day to day. Tanner Frady, Taylor Dickerson, and John Metcalf. Word up.

The print shop. You can see the Auto press disassembled in near the door. IT'S COMING SOON!

Classic shirts on display, snippet of the new wheat-paste history wall.

The whole shebang.