Photo the Berto!

ARTDusty GilpinComment

Our photographer friend Rob Bennett of Photo The Berto had a show last night at Brass Bells Studio. Seriously, John and I used to run a music venue/art space, and it is not easy. I'm so thrilled that Ashley and Stephen are solidifying "FIRST MONDAYS" as their opening night. It seems like every show they are hosting is getting a better and better turnout. Big ups to them.

ALSO BIG UPS to Rob. I believe this was Rob's first solo show, and he did a great job. He used a media he's not familiar with (wheat paste) and totally brought a fresh approach to modern digital photography. If you have the opportunity to visit the studio, go by this month and check out Rob's work. If you can't make it by the studio, go visit his Facebook Page.

Many people don't know this, but Rob is seriously one of the oldest Tree & Leaf supporters. 5 years ago, Rob let 4 guys who knew nothing about printing use his garage to set up a rough screen printing studio. He charged us nothing, let us work as late as we needed, and let us track mud, ink, and screen printing chemicals through his house when we needed to use the restroom. Big thanks to Rob for always being hospitable and supportive of Tree & Leaf. He always comes in with a great attitude and always brings new people with him to the store. Cheers Rob!

Rob's detached garage was our first home. I'm pretty sure these are the only pictures of our first set up.

Bryson Panas and Chase Kerby keepin it real! Two T&L O.G. veterans. We drank a lot of really cheap beer in that garage. Cheers fellas!