Plaza Festival 2011!

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What a wonderfully beautiful weekend in Oklahoma City! I don't think we could've asked for better festival weather. Even if you didn't make it to Plaza Fest, I hope you were at the Regatta, The Czech Fest, Football, or all the other cool stuff happening this weekend. If you missed out on Plaza Festival, here is some cool stuff from the event!

Painted this little sign to hang on our booth. Couple of hours not too shabby...

...good booth set up. Showing off the TREEcycle.

Our great neighbors; The Spy, Buffalo Totem, and Shop Good.

Justin Falk of Shop Good is chillin like a villian, and the Honey Badger Don't Care. Go visit their store on 9th and Broadway. EVERYTHING sold in their store benefits a philanthropy in some way. GREAT, hard working people.

The Group Fly posse was in full effect rockin the Gatewood St. hardcore at the festival. From left to right Vernon, ?(Sorry bro!),Avery, and the El Tea Zeeeee. Group Fly is a great local clothing brand, working hard to get up all the while having a positive attitude. They support local skaters, hip-hoppers, artists, and photographers. Vernon is a leader and mentor to a lot of people, myself included. Always cool and collected even under stress. Check them out. Don't sleep on their brand.

Chad Odem of Cadillac Cowboy was neighbors to Group Fly. Really glad to see him at the festival this year. Chad completely customizes all the shirts he prints. Check out his etsy store to see all his unique apparel. Cadillac Cowboy was one of the early shirt brands in Oklahoma City, I think we did a show with him in 2007 downtown. Respect!

The Warpaint store was open for business! Immeadiately before I staged this photo, I told them it was going to be candid... Travis and Derek are great guys, fellow screen printers, and rock 'n' rollers. They have a great sense of design as you can see by their cool store. Very organic, very rock earth (if that makes sense.) A definite Oklahoma City lifestyle brand. Both the guys are sporting their own apparel, Travis' shirt is a collab they did with The Flaming Lips.

You may see this duo wandering around the Plaza District every once and a while. Stephen Hughes and Ashley Smith are the owners of Brass Bell Studio. Ashley is an artist at No Regrets Tattoo (pictured behind.) Stephen and Ashley seriously support the local art scene, Brass Bells only took %20 from the art show I had. If you know much about gallery showing, %20 is way low. When I told Stephen I was trying to learn to tattoo, he instantly volunteered to be a guinnea pig. They are very positive, and very hard working. Stephen's even got on Warpaint shirt. Visit their art space, and support local artists like they do!

The Plaza Store was hustling Tree & Leaf made goods all day! The t-shirts were a hit. We'll definitely be printing more soon.

Curtis and Tony are the physical labor behind the Plaza Fest. These guys set up, cleaned up, broke down, swept, and moved stuff all day long. They are seriously great help to the district, and work hard without complaint. No lie, Curtis worked through the entire night before the day of the festival sweeping and picking up trash to make it look spectacular. He told me he only stopped working for 1hr and 22mins while he Skyped with his girlfriend who lives in Gana. A huge thank you to both of them. Behind the scenes work is an underappreciated roll sometimes.

Our neighbors to the west were Buffalo Totem. Jason Pawley and Kaley Womack are a pair of wonderful local artists. Jason worked on paintings and Kaley serenaded us with ukelele songs throughout the day! They had a very beautiful booth set up, and they don't even do festivals very often! Visit their new gallery in the Paseo soon!

Hey Jason, if you love Oklahoma point at Kaley and say, "BUFFALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Dylan Bradway was working well into the night on some really cool customized skull statues in front of his gallery (DNA). Amanda, his lovely wife, was probably slaving away behind the register when I took this picture. Again, another couple that seriously supports local artists in so many ways. They are a great, hard working pair. Visit their store and gallery if you haven't yet. When you visit make sure to run next door to Collected Thread, I didn't get a picture of them at the festival but trust me they were working hard all day too!

So glad it's starting to get cool enough in the evenings for hoodies! We released our new zip-ups at the festival for $25! Get them in store now for $29.99.

f you get the chance, grab the new edition of Juxtapoz. It has a great article about some of my favorite artists Jeremy Fish, andDabs&Myla....

Thanks again to everyone who helped out at the festival! Very special thanks to Kristen Vails, Curtis, Amy Apephtone, Dylan and Amanda Bradway, Lindsay and Adam Zodrow, Amy and Jeff Struble, Deborah and Tony Vails. Thanks to Nicole Gibbon, Tanner Frady, and Taylor Dickerson for helping us with our booth. We had a great time, and although we aren't located in the Plaza, we are very glad they are our extended family! Support local everything.