School of Thought 5

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 "Oklahoma City hip-hop is alive!" yelled Ronnie Harris as the crowd pulsed to the bass of a locally made Okla-homegrown beat. School of Thought has been one of the few deeply rooted hip-hop events in Oklahoma City for the last 5 years. Depending on the venue, the event hosts artwork, breakdancing, beat, and MC battles. The Blue Note is near the Paseo, Plaza, and Midtown which carries a lot of culture and creativity for our city. Despite not having room for breakdancing or areas to display art, this seasons venue was perfect for hosting beat and MC battles.

I've heard a lot of criticism about the lack of a hip-hop scene in Oklahoma, but it does exist and while it may be small - it is intimate, talented, and passionate. If you are looking to attend hip-hop events across the city, I suggest following these folks:

Josh Sallee   and The Underdog   BeetyMan

Josh Sallee and The Underdog BeetyMan

Jabee   and The Sav Squad's own   Chop Chop  .

Jabee and The Sav Squad's own Chop Chop.

Did you see this   GRP FLY   hat? This is a whole new level!

Did you see this GRP FLY hat? This is a whole new level!