School of Thought REMIX!

MUSICDusty GilpinComment

A long time ago when T&L didn't have a blog or walls dividing the screen printing shop and the store, we use to host an event called "School of Thought." School of Thought was an open call to people involved or wanting to learn about the local hip-hop culture. We invited graffiti artists, bboys, rappers, and beat makers to simply hang out. It was all done solely to bounce ideas off each other for the sake of progression. Here's a couple of videos from the first School of Thought we hosted in 2007.

I'm happy to say that School of Thought has been revived! Ronnie Harris has taken the reigns and is now reopening the progression sessions known as School of Thought. We are happy to be apart of the event as it will be hosted at The Arbor. There will be beat battles, break dance battles, and graffiti blackbook sessions. This event is totally welcome to the public, and drama will not be tolerated. Here's a flyer with the upcoming details.