Style Matters.

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Today we're releasing a new shirt that will conclude our March of madness weekly release....BUT we still have some goodies planned for the rest of the spring. Without further ado, here's today's release:

The motto "Style Matters" has been showing up on a lot of our apparel and branding lately. We carry our brand to a higher standard and we think our customers reflect that standard. We pay a lot of attention to detail in design, product purchasing, and printing. We are becoming more well known for our superior prints and always pay the most attention to detail in our work. Lately I've been getting a lot of questions about the fonts I'm using for the script on our shirts. It all begins here:

I probably wrote "Tree & Leaf" and "Style Matters" a hundred times each at a previous Drink & Draw, where better to practice? Last nights was booming with activity...

This photo was taken before it got busy. I think we had another 5 people show up. Tanner and I had to move to make room. Good times! Tanner was drawing some craziness again....

See you tonight for Dylan Bradway's poster release show fomr 7-10! If you buy a regularly priced shirt and a Dylan Bradway print, after tax its $ you have enough leftover to buy a beer if you bring $60!