The Chaos of Tony Thunder

ARTDusty GilpinComment

One of the first pieces of local art I ever bought was by Tony Thunder, and is still one of my favorites. Tony has a very unique and raw cartoon style that comically satirizes politics, religion, and daily life with the use of cartoon humans, animals, and monsters. Watching Tony draw is a show within itself. Besides Hector Lopez, I've never met another artist that can create characters at such ease and speed. Tony can simply doodle out a bunch of characters in a matter of minutes that dwarf some of my best well thought out illustrations. Seriously, his art is awesome, his graphic design abilities are quickly on the rise, and his art is affordable.

I've been doing poster prints for a while now, but yesterday our poster and paper printing became legitimate. I built a two station printing table with the intention of increasing our print capabilities.

This wasn't just on a whim, at the beginning of the year we decided that we would begin hosting a local artist to create a run of poster prints once a month. Tanner Frady has been booking a schedule for the upcoming year and we are excited to have our inaugural poster art show with Tony Thunder. Each print will be limited to no more than 50 prints. The shows will always fall on the last Friday of the month for consistency sake. We will also be hanging works and merchandise by each artist as well as the prints. The prints will be exclusively sold in our store.

Come hang out for our first show, it will be a great start to a cool monthly release. Support local art.

***** FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH - 7 to 10PM *****