The Other Man Behind the Curtain

Dusty GilpinComment

As many of you who frequent our site may or may not know, Dusty is the primary author of our blog.  As our head designer and idea man, it's easily understood why he would primarily have all the topics of interets to share on our blog.  As the other half of the business and being largely responsible for our finances, I think it can be understood why I feel the majority of my job might translate into a snooze-fest if I tried to blog about it.  Unless you love calculators and spreadsheets...any takers?


So, ignoring our accounts receivable and accounts payable (two of the MOST important aspects of a business), I'll give you a brief idea of what I'm working on for T&L while also sharing a few things I do outside of the business.  I'm going to try and post each Wednesday, which means if you check the blog on Thursday you will be one day early for when I finally get my thoughts together and post on Friday...sound good?

The past couple of weeks around T&L have been busy with contract screen printing jobs and keeping up with our wholesale orders for our retail locations.  As Dusty creates the designs and images for each of these jobs, I do all of the product ordering.  This means I work with several suppliers to fulfill apparel orders for our customers and ensure the colors and sizes requested are available.  As well as print shop product, I also keep track of our in store and online inventories.  This means if you have visited our store or online shop at anytime and the item you wanted was out of stock...I have either not had time to re-order, or our suppliers can't fulfill our orders.  It can be frustrating but there's a method to the madness of keeping product moving through our print shop.


With spring and warmer weather comes my favorite activity, sailing.  I learned how to sail when I was around 11 years old and have been on the water ever since.  I've sailed numerous types of rigs and even spent time sailing competitively.  I currently sail a Hunter 18.5 named 'Love and Luck.' Does the name sound familiar? Anyone...anyone? If you guessed it's the name of a Jimmy Buffett song, you would be correct.

When I'm not sailing, you might find me volunteering in my neighborhood editing or passing out the newsletter or working with Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma where I serve as a board member.  After a bucket list situation where I ran for city council last spring, I became involved with Neighborhood Alliance through various workshops and thoroughly enjoy my time spent working to better neighborhoods around Oklahoma City.


Lastly, I will leave you with a glimpse of some of the colors of apparel I have been ordering for spring.  Be on the look out for the colors below to arrive in our store and online in the next couple weeks.

Dream Big!

- John