The Womb Presents: BIGFOOT!

ARTDusty GilpinComment

Real excited about this upcoming show at The WOMB. The Womb is that nutso building on 9th street and Broadway that is being painted and renovated by Wayne Coyne, Jake Jarmz, and Rick Sinnett! We really look forward to working with The Womb and it's artists. Our city could use a gallery that can pull in some national level artists and The Womb will be able to do just that.

This also benefits Tree & Leaf because we have been retailing Montana Colors line of high-quality aerosol paint since 2007, and look forward to working with the artists that The Womb will be hosting. We have always had the best color choice, price, and we know our product better than any other spray paint in the state. (I personally have probably inhaled the most MTN 94 of anyone in the city...!)

Here's the flier for the Bigfoot show and the grand opening of The Womb, look forward to seeing you there!