Dusty GilpinComment

I had to come up to the shop tonight to catch up on design work. We have orders coming in like crazy, and I am still the only designer at Tree & Leaf. Every job that goes through our shop hits my desk before it goes to print. I handle almost all Tree & Leaf print, merchandising, and advertising design, along with; contract design work, screen breakdown, and collaborative design. Every single order that goes through the shop hits John Milner's desk because he places and double checks every Tree & Leaf store/wholesale order and every contract order. John also deals with almost all invoicing, bill paying, taxes, payroll, and licensing. Both John and I still get behind the printing press, clean screens, and work the register. I love my job at T&L, and I can vouch that John does too. I couldn't ask for a better life or creative outlet.

I am proud of what John and I have accomplished. There was never a huge financial investment, and this hasn't been handed to us. Our jobs have been earned by non stop hard work and sacrifice. There is constant daily growth at Tree & Leaf, and it is truly because we, as owners, love what we own. I just want to share with you our new space. I am very excited to see the growth that happens here! Please join us for our OPEN HOUSE on July 30th. We would love to have you come celebrate our new space with us! We will be releasing a lot of new apparel and will be completely restocked with current T&L gear. Thank you for being our great customers.

- Dust