Thunder Up... Locally!

Dusty GilpinComment

We may have been the first to bring you Thunder swag, but here are some other locals that are bringing the heat with some Thunder sickness! I love local screen printers, t-shirt companies, and entrepreneurs! The regular logo, big brand sponsored stuff isn't for everyone and if you want to shake the norm and support your Thunder check out our line of DailyThunder shirts, or check out this stuff by other locals:

Bombs Away Clothing:

Our friend Dustin Oswald is a great local artist that constantly releases cool, comfortable, well designed apparel. He prints everything himself and that garners a lot of respect from us. While we haven't updated our Bombs Away apparel at our shop, you can pick up his stuff at DNA Galleries and Blue7. I'm sure he's selling stuff in other stores, but I'm not sure where else at this moment. He also does some really killer artwork and prints and I'm am a huge fan.

Like all great Oklahoman's, Dustin is a Thunder fan and put his talents directed in support of his team with this sweet shirt:

For other sweet Oklahoma tees and cool artwork, visit his site here.


GRP FLY x Warpaint Clothing:

Fly or Die baby, fly or die. GRP FLY is an awesome local streetwear company created by Vernon Deas, aka OB-ONE, aka Beast on Beats, aka my role model. We've been printing the GRP FLY clothing line for a while now, and Vernon is truly great guy to work with and always has a smile on his face. He never ceases to bring an amazingly positive vibe with him wherever he goes. It's customers like Vernon that make printing shirts a real pleasure. He is also very active in his community as a role model and mentor to the youth. He is a great designer and really brings a fresh edge to the local apparel scene. Wonderfully enough, he's teaming up with another local screen printing brand on a sweet collaboration tee.

Warpaint Clothing is like a rock 'n' roll Tree & Leaf! Their store and apparel have a vibe like none other and they are always up to something cool. Whether hosting cool artshows or concerts, Travis and Derek are great guys who also know the ends and outs of screen printing and are always grinding away at the press. I saw Travis yesterday and he was beat from printing away for their GRP FLY release party TONIGHT! Definitely check them out, and visit their store in the beautiful Plaza District. Tell them we sent you, and pick up this collab tee they're doing with GRP FLY.

In the words of OB-ONE himself, "STREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETS!"


I don't know much about these shirts, but I know I've been seeing them all around town! If you are REALLY excited about Thundering Up, then this may be the shirt for you. Check out Core Extreme Sports for this mother-Thundering shirt!

If you know of a cool locally made Thunder tee, post a link in the comments and we'll try to post up info here on our blog! We're gonna try to garner as much support for our team and local businesses as possible! Thunder Up!