Tree & Leaf Featuring Dylan Bradway!

ARTDusty GilpinComment

Last month's innagural print show with Tony Thunder couldn't have been more of a success. We are really glad to have had Tony participate, and are very anxious to have another. We'll keep the rest of Tony's work up until the week of our next show.

Without further ado, we are very excited to annouce that this month's featured artist will be....... DYLAN BRADWAY!

Dylan is no stranger to Tree & Leaf or our blog: 05/05/0905/13/0906/23/0905/25/1006/13/1109/09/11 - that's not even including posts about DNA Galleries. Dylan's a great friend of mine, and someone I really look up to artistically. He style is not only progressive, but progressing. He is an artist that is constantly outdoing himself. He picked up a can of spray paint the other day for essentially the first time and whipped up this masterpiece. The guys got a natural talent to say the least. Despite daily store and gallery necessities, freelance design work, a day-job at Sidewall Distro, Momentum, and planning a Portland art show in a few months - he was still willing to participate in our print show. Artistic talent aside - Dylan has character, he's always helping someone else out, and may be tired but won't complain.