Tree & Leaf x Tony Thunder!

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We don't only do collaborations with Daily Thunder, we have been collaborating with local artists and musicians for a loooong time now. In 2009 we began a series of Artist Line t-shirts with the intent to showcase how great the local art and design from Oklahoma is. We've done collaborations with Emma RobertsonDylan Bradway, Kaleb Nimz, and Erin (Walters) Robinson. This year we have been swamped with contract business and haven't produced as many Artist Line shirts as we would've liked, but we are excited to release our newest collaboration by TONY THUNDER!

Tony is a great local artist with a lot of street, skateboarding, graffiti influence. He is a phenomenal artist with a ton of natural talent. Some of the best cartooning I've seen was done by Tony in minutes completely on the spot.

Tony also participated in this years Rollin' Deep art show, and has hosted other shows throughout the metro such as "Another 'ol Dirty Oklahoma Art Show."

Here is the artwork Tony provided for a really wicked shirt! Shirts are available now in store and will be posted online with the release of the new website!