2nd Annual Grow-A-Beard Competition!

GROW-A-BEARDDusty GilpinComment

Last years "GROW A BEARD" competition was one of the best events I think we've ever hosted at Tree & Leaf. I'm very biased, since I was a judge and contestant....HOWEVER, every week I looked forward to seeing the hilarious photos that the competition was sending. We had about a dozen local businesses sponsor the event with really great prizes, and had a wonderful final event night at The Wedge pizza sponsoring some great beardy beer specials. The event even inspired what is now one of our most sought after shirts - the 13EARD shirt. 

For anyone who started following Tree & Leaf after October of last year, this may be new news. We absolutely welcome you to participate, so here are the rules and details of the 2 month long event.


- Sorry ladies, but this is a MEN ONLY competition. I'm sure you're equally as capable at growing a fierce beard or mustache, but the glass cieling is going to keep you out of this one for everyone's sake.

- You must begin the competition COMPLETELY CLEAN SHAVEN. The first photo you submit must be taken on Sept. 5th. No cheating. Baby faces only.

SEND A PHOTO EVERY WEDNESDAY of your face no later than midnight. We welcome creativity but don't require it but there is a People's Choice Award on the line here. It's for your own good to entertain the spectators!

- You must LAST UNTIL OCTOBER 31st. The competition ends Oct. 31st at midnight, the earlier you shave, the less beard growing time you have. Just think of the awesome pirate you're going to make for Halloween this year.


Beard Fail: This category is to reward the men with real heart out there. They know they can't grow a beard, but they'll try anyway. A patchy, uneven, doesn't-quite-grow-in-some-spots beard is what we're looking for.

  Fullest Beard: Exactly how it sounds. We're looking for the longest, bushiest, testosterone charged, unadulterated beardliness.

Best Mustache: This category is for the guys who can't quite get the full beard growing, but can still don some wicked lip hair. Also a good route for industry professionals who might have rules about facial hair.

People's Choice: This is a no holds bar competition. The more creative and ridiculous are welcome. Lightening bolts, fu man chu's, zig zags.... all is fair play. This category will also be decided by an online poll.

There it is folks! We're anxious to see how it goes. If you want to take a look at last years competition, dig through the Archive at the bottome of the page to scan for the old posts. Here's the final full image of all the beardies at their best! Click on the image below for the full size. Join our Facebook Event group if you want to start talking smack!