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Dusty GilpinComment

Another busy weekend is ahead of us! I think by the time Sunday rolls around, I'm going to be all art'd out. In my spare time I've been working on some giant chalk typography canvases for a Crossroads Church. Together the panels span 72 feet and are 12 feet high! Tonight I'll be finishing them completely and beginning drafts for this weekends other projects; Drink 'N' Draw, LIVE on The Plaza, and the Great State Fair!

This is one of three panels Kristen Vails and I are working on for Crossroads Church. All chalk and all hand rendered.

THURSDAY night we will be hosting Drink 'N' Draw at the shop from 8-11pm. We've been having a really steady turnout and each week is always a new group. We are also currently working on a monthly 'zine' that will consist of drawings by Drink 'N' Draw artists! Be looking for it soon! If you want to submit, come on out on Thursdays from 8-11pm and get your sketch on with us!

FRIDAY night will be V-Dub The Plaza. A Volkswagen car club will be hosting a car show featuring 40 vintage and suped up VW's. Along with the usual festivites of food trucks, art shows, and live music; Tanner Frady and I will be painting this:

This should be really difficult BUT a ton of fun! We'll start painting around 7pm and work well into the night. Come eat some food and hang out with us while we get tetanus!

SATURDAY will be my 3rd year in assembling a team of graffiti artists to paint a giant hexagon at The Great State Fair of Oklahoma! We will be painting and enjoying the beautiful weather from 10-7pm. We are always excited to paint for the fair, and the Creative Arts Department is always extremely hospitable. SKER UAT (Tulsa), HEK (Norman), YANK (South OKC), Bobby Entaker (MidWest City), Tanner Frady (OKC), and myself (Tree & Leaf) will be working all day long on the bandshell lawn just south of the Creative Arts building. Every year we try to outdo each other and this year won't be any different! Remeber our motto:

Don't forget that while you're at the fair, you can get your submission photos for The Lost Ogle's State Fair Photo Contest!

Hope to see you out and about this weekend! Don't be shy in stopping me from painting to say hello!