Drinkin' & Drawlin'

Drink And Draw, ARTDusty GilpinComment

Drink and Draw took a bit of an attendance hit during the summer months. This is the first year we've hosted D&D and anticipating the seasonal attendance fluctuations wasn't ever a concern - whether there are 2 or 20, we'll always have our doors open on Thursdays. The only reason we'll postpone D&D is if we are involved in another art function that is hosted on the same night (in which case we'll just call it a D&D field trip!) Now that summer has come to a close, Drink & Draw is keeping a very steady attendance! We've also begun a process of showcasing our talents in a monthly 'zine available FOR FREE in the Tree and Leaf store!

ach Thursday is filled with lots of laughs, crazy conversations, and artistic progression.  I'm always inspired by the creativity of the attendees of Drink & Draw. If you're a new or established artist, a teetotaler or boozer, or just someone who wants to see what Drink & Draw is all about, we warmly welcome you to come hang out with us. Every Thursday from 8 - 11pm we open our doors and welcome anyone to come sketch! See you Thursday!