KOSU The SPY FM x Tree & Leaf

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I'm sure by now you're well aware that The SPY is back on the air! KOSU Digital is living up to their "Uniquely Oklahoma" slogan by premiering an awesome lineup of SPY fm local radio shows. This is a huge step for local radio and Okie musicians can be heard outside of garages, social network sites, and bar/venues. Ferris O'Brien has been hitting the pavement hard to make this happen, and we congratulate him, The SPY family, and KOSU on what should be a wonderful collaboration. Along with a new breath of radio air, Ferris just picked up an another amazing VW van to patrol the streets.

We decided that since there's a new van in town, there ought to be a NEW SPY SHIRT to match!

Ferris brought the new van over before the decals got put on. This thing is beautiful! We wanted to keep the authenticity of the van, bring in some old SPY imagery, and add our own touch to the image. We snapped a few photos of the new van and got a photo of this vintage KSPI logo with this rad little spy character.

We took the original KSPI mascot and reillustrated him hotrodding in the new spy van. The imagery was a ton of fun to illustrate and the print turned out really nice. We used American Apparel tri-blend athletic blue and the print contrasts perfectly.

Since the van has some subtle two-tone pinstriping, we decided that below the Fowler VW and T&L logos, we'd match the same pinstiping that's on the rear center of the new bus. We'll be putting these shirts online and in store soon. Congratulations again to our favorite radio station The SPY! Proceeds from this shirt go to help keep The SPY running in full gear. Make sure to check out The SPY on KOSU (91.7 OKC, 107.5 Tulsa, & 88.3 Stillwater) weeknights at 7pm.