My Favorite Tee: Ashley Smith


Ashley Smith is one gnarly chick. She stays busy as owner of Brass Bell Studio, artist, jewlery designer, and a purveyor of tattoos at No Regrets. Besides the DIYs I have, Ashley has done nearly all my tattoos and has been a supporter of my art and Tree & Leaf for a long time. She is always encouraging, positive, and very hard working. If you don't know her, do yourself a favor and find her on Facebook or follow her instagram feed @vikingashley. Without further ado, here are Ashley Smith's favorite tees.


This shirt was purchased the first time I saw Hot Water Music almost 12 years ago. I had always loved the band, HWM. When I finally got to see them, LIVE, it just bumped them up to being one of my favorite bands. Their music gets me going, no matter what mood I'm in. Every album they come out with is amazing and I latch onto it immediately. They recently came out with the album Exhister. It's been playing in my car since I got it a couple weeks ago. Track number 10 (Pledge Wore Thin) is one of my new favorite songs. Not only do I just all around LOVE the band. I also love their band logo. Simple and no words needed. I love it so much I have it tattooed on my left arm. One of the only logo/band tattoos I have. I've since had to sew up to shirt to keep it fit. 


I work in the Plaza District so I love supporting the other businesses down in the area. WPC opened up right next to my business over a few years ago and I have been wearing their shirts ever since. I can honestly say that over 60% of my tshirts are WP. I love the feel of their shirts and how they seem perfectly worn from the first day you wear it. With that said, their OKC THUNDER/Thanks Seattle shirt is one of my favorite designs from them. I love the Thunder and watching the games. I support buying Thunder shirts from the local artists, so it was only ment to be when WP came out with their own Thunder shirt. I bought one (white) then realizing that white was not going to be easy for me to keep clean, bought a back up because I loved the design so much. WP has since had "controversy" over the shirt design. Freaking out that they might have to stop making it, for whatever reason, I stocked up on more. They had come out with other colors so I got one of each. I have 5 of these shirt.  


Not too long before my boyfriend's death he came across this shirt and gave it to me. He had owned it for as long as I knew him, atleast 10 years. I had early pictures of him in the shirt and remember those moments like they were yesterday. He gave me the shirt because I have a jewelry line called HOOKLINESINKER, where I make jewelry out of fishing lures. It instantly became on of my favorites and I wore it almost everyday. I love the shirt but haven't worn it in over 2 months. Even though it is one of my favorites, I am now reluctant to wear it in fear that something might happen to it.

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