My Favorite Tees: Ashley Terry

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Meet Ashley Terry hair stylist and resident of beautiful Oklahoma City, "I attempt to live a creative life and that seems to keep me busy in it's own right." This is the second girl and the second Ashley to do our "Favorite Tees" blog. This leaves me to believe that if you are female and named Ashley, you must have a pretty wicked t-shirt collection. Besides having a wicked t-shirt collection, Ashley Terry can be found helping out our ever growing young progressive art culture by volunteering with events like Better Blockand LIVE on the Plaza. This last week at Mustache Bash I confronted her and her husband (Greg Terry) about submiting thier favorite tees. I can just tell the types of folks that probably have a rockin collection of t-shirts and I'm glad to say that my intuitions were right! We'll feature Greg's shirts sometime soon, but for now, feast your eyes on Ashley's favorite tees:


"I purchased this tee here in Oklahoma City at Blue 7. Although it garners some funny looks here in our great red state, it is one of my favorite t-shirts to wear. Independent artists played a major part in the 2008 Presidential campaign. No matter what side of the isle you sit on it was inspiring to see artists using their creativity to support something they believe in. Being a fan of Shepard Fairey's talent (especially his street art) this shirt was a perfect choice for me."


"Participating in the Flaming Lips March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons every year was a blast for me and my husband. It's fantastic for OKC to have a group of people like The Flaming Lips creating fun and eccentric happenings for us to experience. This particular shirt is from the 2008 skeleton march. The event happened 4 years in a row and while there is a tee for each one, this design is my favorite. The shirt is super comfortable and the bright orange always catches my eye."


"Stretch Arm Strong was one of the first shows that I remember going to at the new Green Door location in Bricktown. It seems like such a long time ago, but every time I wear this shirt I am reminded of what a great night that was. One of my favorite things in life is getting together with friends and listening to good music. This is the only baseball tee I've ever owned in my life and it will probably stay that way."


"This is literally my favorite t-shirt in my closet. I can't wear it out in public without somebody asking me where I got it. I purchased it at DNA Galleries in the Plaza District. It's by far the most comfortable tee that I own. The simplicity of the artwork and the comfortability make it a consistent go to. The shield design has become so prominent in local apparel and I love being able to show my Okie pride in such a well designed shirt."

Special thanks to Ashley for her submissions! We love hearing about your favorite tees and the stories behind them. If you want to submit your favorite tees, email with the subject "My Favorite Tees."