My Favorite Tees: Jake Beeson


Jake Beeson was mentioned in Tanner Frady's "Favorite Tee" blog post, and now we're lucky to have his own Favorite Tee submissions! Jake is an amazing painter, designer and all around good guy. He co-manages a lifestyle blog that features art, culture, beer reviews, and really whatever else he wants to put on it. Straight from the horses mouth, here are Jakes favorite tees:

I am an Artist/Designer and I live in Tulsa OK. I live a pretty domesticated life with my wife, 3 children and 3 dogs... I do keep it gangster on occasion though.
You can check out my updates on (which is currently collecting a little dust because of a recent move.)


I got this shirt from the Printosaurus Homies. This shirt is all about comfort while being stylish. I am not a stylish guy so I need all the help I can get. The simple font and subtle gradient is all anyone that is obsessed with letters could want. Not to mention the phrase can apply to just about anything. "Bout Damn Time you got here," "Bout Damn Time to eat," "Bout Damn Time the kids went to sleep," Etc..


TML (The Midwest Legacy) 2009

This is a much more personal shirt. Extremely limited edition for a club for grown ups... kind of grown ups. The hand drawn letters were from Thomas Woodward and the print was by Chris Foxworth, two of the greatest homies and artist I know. They are part of the same crew and we keep it real by painting graffiti, exchanging stir fry recipes, and spooning during scary movies. Every time I put on this shirt is a nostalgic moment.

This might seem like homecooking picking a T&L shirt as one of my favorites, but it just is. I got this shirt a few months back and I can be honest with myself and admit that I wear it too much. I am sure it has sweat rings and some sort of permanent odor, but no one notices that over the stunning graphics and (personal favorite of my own) color scheme. A nice mix of fonts with some nice shout outs to beer labels what is not to like? Solid shirt top off with a great color to rock all year long and softness you can sleep on.

Editors Note: We don't encourage our submitters to favor T&L tees, Jake is just THAT COOL of a guy! Thanks Jake!