Tree Leaf Presents: Erin Robinson

Dusty GilpinComment

Erin (Walters) Robinson is Tree & Leaf family. In 2007 when we opened our store, we had her artwork hanging on the walls. She was Tree & Leaf's first intern and the second employee we ever had. Erin and her family are constant supporters of T&L. Her brother owns every DailyThunder shirt we've printed and they regularly ship shirts to her sister in Iceland. Erin got married, converted her husband to a T&L follower and up and left Oklahoma. They are currently residing in Little Rock but visit often and attend our events when they can.

Erin's artwork is a wonderful combination of design and folk. Organic lines, patterns, and hand rendered type merge together to create beautifully eclectic images. Her artwork well represents her style as it's not uncommon to see Erin wearing a simple outfit adorned with brightly colored high top Nike Dunks on her feet. We are so excited to host the artwork of a truly great friend to Tree & Leaf. Join us Friday Sept, 28th for a great art showing, drinks, and special catering by Ryan Walters! Here's an image of the postcard with event information. The woodcut bison is a sneak peak to what her show has in store!