Tree & Leaf Presents: Jason Pawley!

ARTDusty GilpinComment

Jason Pawley is a long friend of Tree & Leaf, and Tree & Leaf has been a fan of Jason Pawley's work since before we met. He's showed with Tanner Frady, Dylan Bradway, and myself mulitple times at group shows like Rollin' Deep, Canvas, and most recently Istvan Gallery. The organic lines overlaid on splashes of bright pastel colors are determined to catch any viewer's eye. The complex patterns of trees, hearts, and handwritten witticisms boil straight from the mind of the nature loving artist himself. Jason Pawley is one of the nicest individuals I know, always beaming with a smile and generously hospitable attitude. His Instagram (jpawleyp) is flooded with scenic photos of hiking, climbing, and camping trips across the country. His hobbies and travels as an outdoorsmen directly reflect through his artwork. It's becoming a trend that the artists we've been gracious to host are equally gracious to be apart of our shows. Jason is no different, and eager to show his work.

Jason's work is growing and progressing. I got a sneak peek at his new works and they are beautiful scenes of mountainscapes and forests integrating (literally) thousands of brushstrokes that create amazingly unique patterns.

We're extremely excited to see what he'll be presenting us to print for him. He, like Josh Heileman and Akane Mori, will be customizing each sheet of paper before we print the final image. Each and every print will be completely unique.

Join us Friday, Sept. 31st for a great evening of amazing art and design. We're very blessed and excited to host our friend Jason Pawley.