Weekend Happenings...

ART, GRAFFITIDusty GilpinComment

Just a few photos of a 'what felt like forever' weekend. I've been working on some new art pieces, excited to see what direction these take me. If interested in purchasing, hit me up.

Tanner Frady and I were invited by Jonathan Fowler at Fowler Volkswagen to Chalk The Plaza! We were happy to oblige. We both decided to do images of the classic VW Beetle in two contrasting styles. I'm very pleased with how they turned out especially since neither of us have used chalk as a medium before! Thanks for inviting us to come out and play!

Tanner and Dylan Bradway got down at the legal eagle wall on Sunday Funday. Lookin' good fellas!

Lastly, I had to say goodbye to a great companion of mine on Saturday. See you on the other side Chess, always with me though...