1705B NW 16th St: Details

PLAZA DISTRICTDusty GilpinComment

Our new shop is home to 11 brand new T&L tees and a bunch of new products. We are really anxious to use this space as an outlet for our brand, events, and local art shows. A lot of planning and thought went into building this new space; over the next few days we'll be introducing you to some of our favorite parts of the new store.

The new store has a great little section in the back that we will be using for our poster release shows. We will pick up our screen printed poster shows right where we left off, and now they will be hosted every second Friday in correspondence with LIVE on the Plaza. Stay posted for details on our upcoming shows!

We had our friend, Jake Beeson, build us a series of amazing cabinets specifically for the space. The west wall of the shop will host all of our brand apparel and new releases. The cabinets have specific size cubbies to fit each size from XS to XXL and a display to show you the full print. In between each shelf series is a hanging rod that will feature items like hoodies, tank tops, and long sleeve shirts. We can't thank Jake enough for his amazing work!

As you walk into the store you'll be greeted by a wall that resembles a key wall in our Rockwell store. The wheatpaste wall is photos, news articles, fliers, and images from our past. It's a nostalgic reminder of where we've come from and those that have helped us along the way. This wall will feature all our current collaborative shirts;,, and The Spy FM.

One of my favorite parts about our new space is the backyard. In the summer months, I'm a backyard dweller. I can't wait to host bar-b-ques and paint jams in this great outdoor space!

We'll post more details about the new space soon, but come see it for yourself in the meantime!