A Scathing Review of The Wurly Birds

Dusty GilpinComment

Saturday night was the premiere of Mulberry Huff at Kamps Deli. The opening acts were Feathered Rabbit, and our friends HoneyLark. Both acts did a wonderful job setting a great foundation for The Wurly Birds to follow through creating a well rounded show. The Wurly Birds took stage donning matching shirts, ties, and dress pants. Surprisingly the show only cost $5 to attend and the "Birds" offered a 'name-your-price' deal for a copy of the new album! As I walked past the merch table, I noticed there were 12" vinyls for sale. The price was only $5 so I happily obliged. I found out later that I hadn't purchased Mulberry Huff; I purchased the previously released album, Turns. HOWEVER, what should my wandering eyes appear this morning on my desk? A COPY OF MULBERRY HUFF!

This isn't going to be a scathing review in the least, I just thought it would be a fun title. Truth be told, The Wurly Birds are a fantastic young, energetic, local band that you need to be listening. The professionality, showmanship, and muscianship of the band speak volumes for this sextet; Taylor Johnson, Jerred Murphy, Taylor Overholser, Matt Lester, Pilar Pueyo, and Chris Anderson. The upbeat charm of the music is hard to pin into one particular genre. Throughout Mulberry Huff, there are douses of soulfoul motown gospel rhythms, folk acoustic ballads, accapella bridges, and surf-rock funk that culminates into a vivacious record that easily flows through all twelve tracks. This album spans musical stylings similar to James Brown, Of Montreal, and Mumford & Sons at times.

Make sure to check out this great Oklahoma City band, they come highl recommended by the Tree & Leaf crew, and their new album will not dissappoint. You can follow their day-to-day at, Instagram: @TheWurlyBirds, and preview their music at

Here's a little taste of their music from a live recording session filmed by Nathan Poppe at Blackwatch Studio (who did a mighty fine job mixing the album, might I add.) Note the Gary England tee worn by Taylor Johnson!

This is 1 of 3 videos to be released, and we'll make sure to follow up with the other 3 as soon as they're posted! Thanks again to Taylor Johnson for dropping the album off with us. It is a really great album, and we are proud of our fellow Okies for releasing such wonderful art.