Art Doesn't Stand Still

Dusty GilpinComment

This weekend was filled with art 'happenings.' First Friday in the Paseo, Underground Monster Carnival 2, Momentum, and we even had some spare time to squeeze in a little Sunday paint jam. Here are a few photos from Momentum and our paint jam on Sunday.

Momentum seemed to be another great success this year. Hosted in 50 Penn Place, I will give my opinion that I think this year's selection of art was one of Momentum's best. Sadly, I missed The Wurly Birds performance, but overall the experience was great!

It's not uncommon for DNA Galleries or Dylan Bradway to pop up on our blog now and then, however we haven't shown light on the individual works of Amanda Bradway recently. Momentum hosted multiple pieces of her artwork and jewlery this year, and her new work is outstanding. She's found a formula using cut paper, found gems, bones, and organic matter that creates an amazingly ellaborate natural presence. Shown above are Homosacrious 1 & 2, and you can see the amount of detail and time placed in arranging each and every hand cut piece of paper.

Another beautiful piece Amanda showed was An End to Uncertainty. I wanted to post a close up image of the piece to show the detail of the piece, but don't be fooled. This piece stood 6 feet high and flowingly draped onto the floor below covered completely with the cut paper pattern. There must have been at least 5,000 individual pieces of paper on this one artwork.

Another artist that stood out to me was Tim Krause. We've printed a few shirts for Tim in the past, but I honestly can't say that I've noticed or seen his artwork in the past. I apologize for the photo below, it was taken at an odd angle, but don't let my poor photography decieve you. The organic flowing lines and brilliant colors in Mezza created an amazing abstract piece that left me oogling. I would really like to host a poster print show with Tim in the future, so be on the lookout for a collaboration.

 It was really good to see works by Kara Lane. I'm disappointed that our paths didn't cross during the show, but her ceramic works were wonderful. During my brief stint in college, I was lucky to have a ceramics class with Kara and she is a bubbly, smiling personality that is incredibly talented and encouraging to those around. Her style is elegant, girly, and punk all at the same time. These beautiful little Skull Cocktail Cups were super cool.

Momentum was great this year, and there was a LOT of really great art. We snagged a few names in hopes of hosting a few of the artists this upcomming year with our collaborative poster print series. Make an effort to check out the Oklahoma art scenes, for a state that isn't known directly for it's art communities, we are abounding with talented individuals. Do not sleep on the talent that is in your own backyard!

On Sunday; Germ, Entake, Saze, Slomoe, Manik, and myself ruined a completely good white wall. Special thanks to Handley's Auto for donating their wall for us to paint. Since we were invited by Handley to paint the side of his garage, we decided to use an Ed Roth style theme in our pieces incorporating classic Rat Fink style characters and automobile inspiration. Follow @Germs_kills, @teflonkwan, @hansphoto, @pappasconhuevos, and @saze_oner on Instagram for more local graffiti art.

Painting season is upon us! We've already got some fun collaborations planned for the back of our shop. If you're ever needing Montana paint, caps, markers, or graffiti art supply, come visit our shop. Support your local graffiti artists!