Get The Lead Out!

Drink And Draw, PLAZA DISTRICTDusty GilpinComment

Tonight we're hosting Drink & Draw at our NEW Plaza location! From 8 to 11pm we open the doors and let anyone come sketch around with us. We have a BYOB policy, and you must be 21+ to drink! We're really excited to bring D&D to the Plaza, we expect the turnout and creativity to increase! Be patient with us as we accliamate to the new location, we may run out of chairs initially, but we'll get as many people in as we possibly can!

Come out to D&D tonight and we'll give you a complimentary "GET THE LEAD OUT!" pencil!!

We are also super excited to introduce to you our new MTN paint supply rack! You didn't think we were going to come down to the Plaza without selling paint, did you?! We'll be fully stocked with almost 600 cans of paint on a regular basis with a beautiful custom case that enables you to fully see the range of color that MTN offers! We'll also be selling a stock of Krink markers and an assortment of paint caps. Come by and check out the new set up and our new shirts soon!

For day to day info about the new store, print shop, and new apparel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @treeandleaf