Happenings and Tangents...

Dusty GilpinComment

The Blue Seven crew is getting their hands dirty putting together their new store, Just OK. We got a sneak peek at Blue Seven's new section and it looks fantastic! You should definitely stop by and check out all the cool Oklahoma-crafted goodies they're selling. The space looks great, congratulations on the expansion guys!

Lots of lightbulbs...

An amazing panel hand painted by the guy, Rick Knight.

I got to meet Rick right as he was finishing up. I complimented his painting and he complimented my paint stained jeans; we were off to a great start. Rick is a very animated dude, and an incredible painter. If you're needing some legit sign painting or pin striping, give him a shout at Rick Knight Signs.

Rick is no chump, signpainter-imposter like the guy that painted this sign... new wayfinding signage for our shop. Hopefully we can fill the chalkboard with upcoming events and sales soon!

Here's another guy that's putting his hands to work. My neighbor, Gene Lemmons, is one of the coolest guys I know. He'll wash your car, in your driveway, for a great price. Quality work I recommend. (Note: You must live in Gene's neighborhood: 36th & Portland - call him 405-948-6298)

If you want to put your hands to work, come out to Drink & Draw on Thursday nights from 8-11pm. D&D is getting crazy! We are having our highest attendances ever, and the off-the-cuff 'themes' are creating some awesome collections of work. I'm getting calls and comments all the time about Drink & Draw. For those of you that don't know, it is as simple as it sounds we sit around and draw. BYO pencils, beverages, and snacks - we supply the tables, chairs, and lights. Deal!

Chuck Norris theme D&D from a couple weeks ago. Themes can range from Animals, Just Busted, Celebrities, and my personal favorite, Pass The Panel comic strips. D&D has a staunch open door policy. Anyone is welcome that's happy to be here!

Put your hands to work and have fun doing it! We're busy around the shop planning and gearing up for a fun new year! Come visit us, and I'll do my best to post blogs that aren't so all over the place in the near future!