Interview with Tessa Raven

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I had a lot of fun with the Tony Thunder interview the other day. It was great letting our featured artists explain their thoughts in their own words. I'm definitely not an English or Journalism major, but I hope you enjoy these interviews as much as I enjoy taking them. Without further ado, I'd love to introduce Tessa Raven who will be our poster print artist for July 12th from 7:00-11:00pm at our Plaza location.



Alright, thanks for letting me ask you a few questions about your life and art. I'm super excited for your show. First question; is any part of your name legally 'Raven'?

Yes! It's my middle name! My legal middle name. My last name is Hancock.

I thought so, you never know these days. Where did you grow up, and when did you start doing art?

I grew up in Oklahoma City, and when I was about 14 we set off on a grand adventure moving around to all parts of the state. 14 was about when I started taking art seriously. I made very simple drawings of people and octopus' (octopai?) and my family was so encouraging and it made me feel so good, that I just kept on doing it!

What would you say some of your key influences were early on? What most influences your art now?

In the beginning I was more inspired by surrealist painters like Jacek Yerka and Rene Magritte, though I never did anything directly inspired by them or as amazing, but that's where I started. I still love all of that, but I'm more inspired by Egon schiele, Klimt, and more modern artists like John Park based in California, and of course my friends and artists in my community. I steal bits and pieces from so many places it's sometimes hard to put a pin in.


You're definitely flanked by some great local artists with tonight's 'Summer Theives' group show. Tell us a little about the work you're submitting for it.

I explored more of my "Turtleneck bastard" work with a couple more pieces called "Judge and be Judged" , "The Good One" and "The Lost One" I like doing my snobby characters. And a couple freaky female royals called 'Queen Bitch," The Duchess," and "The Baroness." I'm having fun. I was so honored when Jess and Keegan invited me to be a part of it, the artist line up is amazing.

It's a great line up and I'm anxious to see the works! You've also got the 'Make Guthrie Weird' block party tomorrow. Tell us a little about it and Hancock Creative Shop.

Well we're finally settled in Guthrie and have opened our dream shop, Hancock Creative Shop, where our goal is simply to encourage creativity, which we do with our once a month workshops, last Thursday Action Figure Drawing nights, and Tuesday Artists Way group, as well as our store front and handmade shop. We've become great friends with our neighbors Prairie Gothic and have discovered all the awesome things happening here, like the Make Guthrie Weird block party tomorrow night! It will also be Hancock Creative Shops grand opening party and I'll be live painting along with my dad. We're a pretty dynamic duo if I do say so myself. I'm excited for everyone to check it out. It's from 7-11 and the band Escondido is playing live around 8!

We're definitely excited to have you as one of our poster print artists. What do you have in store for your show, Black & Blue? What's the meaning behind the title of the event?


I'm so excited too! Well, I've been doing a lot of my characters with blue skin, and have been pushing myself more with symbols and feelings in my work if that makes sense. I thought it was an appropriate title as most of the characters seem to be a little battered. I wanted to show off the idea of staying naked and open even when you've been beat down and discouraged. Haha it may be too much, but it seems to be coming fairly easily, and I don't much care.
Sounds interesting! Tell me about your #dailydrawings series you've been posting, the different themes, and your reasons behind starting it.


I started it in February as a way to stop being so picky and unproductive, ha ha I thought it would be a good exercise in diligence, and it definitely has been. I tend to want to make things totally perfect, and that can be a good thing until it's stifling. So that's another reason for it. I wanted to be less picky and more free of insecurity. Perfection is overrated!


That is awesome that you've kept it going, keep it up! Where can people best find your work and #dailydrawings?


I post most regularly on instagram @teeraves but I also keep a blog on my website and you can like my page on facebook, Tessa Raven Art!
Awesome, awesome, awesome! Any final thoughts you'd like to leave us with?


Be free! Make art! And come visit me at Hancock Creative Shop and Hoboken Coffee Roasters where you can find me very regularly! As always, go to Tree and Leaf! These guys are so great.


*blushes* Thanks for the interview dude! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your poster art! See you tonight, tomorrow, and July 12th!