Meet the Drink & Draw Posse!

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Drink and Draw has grown to be a regular happening at Tree & Leaf. Every Thursday night we can expect a usual crowd of between 10 and 15 people. While we've had many people visit for an evening, there is a usual backbone group that has made Drink & Draw their own. While Tree & Leaf provides lights, chairs, and tables; these few really make Drink & Draw a successful weekly event. Without further ado, I'd like to introduce a few of the familiar faces of Drink & Draw:

Spencer Rhodes has been visiting Drink & Draw for the better part of a year. He is almost always our youngest attendee, but doesn't let his youth deter him from engaging in conversation and creating some really great pieces of art. I think it's safe to say that the progression of his artwork over the last year has been greater than any other regular attendee of D&D. Keep up the great work Spence! If you want to follow his day-to-day and some illustrations, check him out on Instagram at @_Speencer.

I met Matt Raney during a LIVE on the Plaza event where Tanner Frady and I were doing some chalk drawings at DNA Galleries. He complimented my work and we got talking about art and a blog he was running about local art happenings. I told him about D&D and I think he showed up the following week to check it out. The following-following Thursday, he brought an entire posse of people with him that have now become regular D&D usuals. His artwork is creative and experimental. While almost everyone else sticks to markers, pens, and pencils; Matt never hesitates to whip out Craola crayons, chalk, or whatever other unexpected art medium he can find. This explorative attitude is a breath of fresh air to Drink & Draw and we are very glad to weekly have Matt's presence! Matt can be found on Twitter at @HeyRaney. You have probably seen some of his design work recently as he designed and directed this years Momentum print branding.

Eric Sandhop is one of the incredible illustrators that Matt introduced to D&D. He had seen some of our posters around town and wanted to give it a try, Matt brought it up again and he's been attending ever since. Eric's a very fluid and confident artist. He's never hesitant to make additions to a "Pass the Panel" comic is constantly drawing unique and vibrant characters. Along with looking like rapper, Action Bronson, Eric is a freelance designer and has even had some of his comic work published! He is an avid connoisseur of classic b-movie horror films and recently had a booth at The Underground Monster Carnival with the following artist, Edgardo George. If you'd like to check out Eric's work, visit his website here.

Words cannot describe Edgardo George. The best way to describe "Egg" is through a series of onomonopia; BERRRRAAAAAPPPPPT! BOOOOOOIINNNG!! ER-LER-LER-LER-LER-LER-LER!! Edgardo, like his cartoons, is a very animated character. His stories are full of emotion and emphasis and he never fails to get the group laughing at his antics. He enjoys stretching the boundaries of his comics and testing the waters of those around him. He is full of creativity and his artwork directly reflects his whimsical outlook of life. Check out his website here.

Lance King exudes a quieter side of the Drink & Draw posse. His field of expertise is caricature art, but his cartoons are nowhere limited to just that. He is incredibly talented when it comes to caricature art, but what's even more amazing is that he constantly draws people from memory without reference. His comics often have cameo celebrity appearances and are often drawn on the fly without guidelines or pencil tracing (not pictured). His art is fluid and seeing him draw caricatures in real time is quite a treat. He is professional, polite, and a very hard worker. Outside of his usual 9to5, he is an artist and designer for hire. Check out his work here.

Cory Hancock is a vivid illustrator that pays a ton of attention to detail. His cartoons range from gruesome monsters to fluffy baby animals, all with creative expressions and precision details in their furs and textures. He's a super social individual with a passion for art that moves through many mediums. He's recently been showing interest in aerosol art and is picking it up at an extremely rapid pace. He's very welcoming and hospitable to new D&D attendees, and always has a story to tell. His enthusiastic stories, conversations, and cartoons are a greatly welcomed addition to our growing Drink & Draw group. Find him on Facebook by searching for Cory HeartThrobHandome Hancock.

Tanner Frady & Ashely Smith are "Coast to Coast like Butter on Toast." They are a duo of incredible letterheads, illustrators, and artists of many mediums. Ashley is one of the lead tattoo artists at No Regrets Tattoo, and Tanner is an avid graffiti artist and screen printer here at Tree & Leaf. This pair is making lots of waves in the art and retail community with their unique map series. We love having them out to D&D and we couldn't be happier for them and their ever growing popularity in the local art community. They both can be found via Instagram (@TeefOne & @VikingAshley) or on Facebook.

Last but not least is our friend and an artist I'm sure you're familiar with, Hector Lopez. We've featured Hector before on our blog and in our store, and there seems to be no end to Hector's artistic talent. Hector walked up to the young Oklahoma art scene and kicked in the door. His humility for his talent is indescribably shocking, as he constantly gives artwork away and shyly turns down most compliments given to him. Hector is one of the OG doodlers from when Drink & Draw was hosted at my house before it was official. His day job is drawing caricatures in Loud City for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and on the side he is a freelance artist, illustrator, and caricature artists. If you'd like to see his work, find him on Facebook:

The most constant excuse I hear for people not giving Drink & Draw a try is intimidation. I understand completely but cannot stress how welcoming, hospitable, and generous the above group of artists are. Before talent, these wonderfully welcoming people see ambition and effort. I've watched this group teach, critique, encourage, and compliment each other to no end. There are no 'trade secrets' at Drink & Draw, tools and styles are exchanged and discussed. We would love to have you out to D&D. Every Thursday night from 8-11pm we open our doors to anyone that wants to come work with us. If I didn't feature you this week, just keep coming to D&D and I'll get around to it in the future, I just wanted to highlight some of the most consistant attendees of the last few months. There have been many people through the doors of D&D and each one of them has left an impact on the group. To drop a few influential individuals of current and past; Scott Sackett, Rafeal Corazco, Kevin Rhodes, Steven Silva, Kaleb Nimz, and Tony Thunder... See you Thursday night!