Split Fountain Printing


Since the Drink & Draw crew did all the artwork for the LIVE on the Plaza flier, we decided to do a limited run of screenprinted posters for them! Since everyone's illustration was a simple one color (black), I thought this would be a great opportunity to use a process called split fountain printing to add a little pop to the poster. Split fountain printing is as old as screen printing itself. By applying multiple inks to the same screen and consistently pulling the ink at the same angle, the colors create beautiful gradients. This process is most commonly seen in vintage concert posters where the producer wants something bright, but doesn't want to pay for multiple screens and set ups. Here are some good examples:

For our poster, I didn't want to cover the whole sheet, so I printed a split along the top section underneath where all the cartoon characters would be standing. As you can see, all the posters aren't the exact same, but the gradients are very similar. Small variations like ink splatters or offset gradients only add to the uniqueness of the poster, in my opinion.

After the first layer is dried, I printed the second screen that had all the cartoons and event information. This was a really fun poster to print, and I'm really excited for Friday night! There will be a very small signed (by every artist) quantity of these available for purchase Friday night, but caricatures are FREE from 7-10pm!