Tree & Leaf Presents Jayce Cogburn!

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We have another extremely talented artist showing at our space this Friday for LIVE on the Plaza! We have been spoiled with the quality art that we've shown since we started doing the poster print collaborations. This month's artist is Jayce Cogburn, and the poster is a really cool 3 color image. His art is very bold with lots of solid lines and colors. His subjects are furry animals, skulls, and an eclectic gathering of nicknack symbols and creatures. You can regularly find his art at DNA Galleries where he sells lightswitch covers and magnets along with large scale wall pieces. You will not be disappointed with his work, and I was lucky enough to get to chat with Jayce about his life and pieces. Check out the interview below, and come see us this FRIDAY from 7-11pm!

T&L: What's up? ready to do this thing?!

JAYCE: Does born ready count as an appropriate response considering I wasn't born knowing this interview would happen?

T&L: lol, this will be the easiest interview of your life. Ready?!

JAYCE: Yessir!

T&L: Jayce, tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up and when did you start doing art?

JAYCE: Well, I was born in Sherman TX but grew up back and forth between there and Durant OK. I have always doodled on random stuff, but I didn't get into painting until I was 18. My girlfriend needed some A's in her art class so I did what I could to help out. Immediately I felt like it was something I wanted to do nonstop.

T&L: Do you have any particular artist(s) that you would say is your favorite?

JAYCE: Man, there are so many! I have always like Michael Sieben and Jeremy Fish. And AJ Fosik is a beast too!

T&L: From your instagram (@jayceedward), it's clear that motorcycles are a big part of your life, does that influence your art at all?

JAYCE: Yeah, lately I have been taking more and more trips with friends to new places. I see random stuff that inspires me and try to remember when I get back home so that I can incorporate it into a painting. So even if its not something to do with motorcycle parts or gear, it could be just something I spotted on a motorcycle trip.

T&L: Your art generally features animals, skulls, and symbols commonly used in freemasonry. Why/how do you choose your subjects?

JAYCE: I like using animals because you can do so much with them. They way I paint looks like a cute cartoon most of the time, so I figure little animal characters could kind keep that theme going. haha. The skulls are my representation of people most of the time. I often paint them in situations that I have seen, heard stories about, or just make up. I like the idea of it not being specific person and it just being a skull. We all have them, so it kind of works out. Freemasonry is a pretty rad thing to read about. The idea of some secret stuff going down is interesting so I throw stuff into my paintings pretty much as a nerdy fan thing. haha.

T&L: A lot of your works are also generally custom cut, do you have a history in woodworking at all? You also make smaller affordable pieces like magnets and light switches, how did these pieces come about?

JAYCE: Not really, I just had the idea one day that some stuff would look cool cut out and even layered a bit. Slowly I have been teaching myself some stuff to make it easier and I am getting the hang of it I think. I like making little stuff so people will buy it. Not everyone can afford full scale original art so I figure if I made something that was small, hand painted, and even useable, maybe people will be into it. I get lots of compliments so people seem to be into them. But I'm pretty sure all the tiny cuts are going to give me arthritis one day. haha. Definitely worth it though.

T&L: You've shown in our space before when it was DNA Galleries, how has your art changed since then?

JAYCE: Lots more wood work for sure. I've also realized I like the look of things with more texture and depth so there is a little bit more of that going on.

T&L: We're definitely excited to have you as one of our poster print artists. Where can people best find your work?

JAYCE: I am pumped about that myself! Sweet screen printed posters? DOWN! haha. I have stuff at DNA Galleries steadily and Modified Design in Sherman TX. But if you're just wanting to keep updated, my instagram is usually a good spot to see what I'm working on.

T&L: Awesome! Can't wait for the show, any final thoughts you'd like to leave us with?

JAYCE: Me to man! Yeah, have you ever felt like 'The Truman Show' was based on your life?

T&L: I just watched the Truman show last week, then followed it up with Man on The Moon. GREAT movies in my opinion.

JAYCE: Couldn't agree more! But for real, I just really hope people are into my work and I appreciate everyone who makes the effort to come out and support local art. The Plaza is a rad place that deserves the support of everyone.

T&L: Thanks for doing the interview. That's all dude!