Weekend Warriors

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It's Monday again and my hands still have lingering paint stains reminding me of another great weekend. Saturday morning Kristen and I made a small road trip to Guthrie to pick up her paintings from Gallery Grazioso. While visiting we made a pit stop by Hoboken Coffee Roasters to visit our friends Mallory and Trey Woods. Hoboken is a charming little coffee shop hidden behind auto garages on the south side of ye olde town Guthrie. Like most treasures, it's tricky to find but well worth the hunt. Trey and I have had mutual friends since high school, and our paths crossed throughout college many times while going to shows, bars, coffee shops and art shows. After college, he and Mallory moved to Portland to learn the art and trade of coffee roasting. The end result is an amazing coffee shop that caters to the young and progressive of Guthrie, OK.

We sat and chatted a while about Oklahoma City, The Plaza District, T&L, and the future of Guthrie. Guthrie is a town that I honestly hadn't visited in about 5 years until the last 2 months because of Kristen's art show. Fresh young businesses are starting to make Guthrie home, and if the trend continues, it will be an even greater city to visit quite soon.  Hoboken offers early morning coffee and snacks, but also stays open later to accommodate studying students and night owls needing a social place to work.

They've also recently joined as members of Keep It Local, so make sure to take your KIL card with you. Hoboken quickly solidifies itself as a cool business with its wicked rack of vinyls to play... Make sure to visit Hoboken soon and follow their day-to-day on twiter @HobokenCoffee!

After visiting Guthrie, we came back to OKC so I could open the shop and hustle some sweatshirts at %20 off! It's great seeing usual loyal customers when we offer a sale. Although I can't quite remember every customer's name, it's good seeing repeat patrons at our business. It's very refreshing seeing familiar faces in our shop and your loyalty is a great compliment to our business.

Sunday morning I got up for an early paint session at A Different Image Tattoo shop. I love morning paint sessions and it's always good to paint with GERM, ENTAKE, YoMoms, and TEEF. We all matched colors for continuity, and the final production turned out nice.

Along with getting to paint with these great artists, we painted along side a classic ABORT & ODER piece:

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well! Come visit us at the shop soon, we'll be releasing new shirts and thunder gear soon!