2013 Grow A Beard Contest

GROW-A-BEARDDusty GilpinComment

I can't believe it's almost time for our 3rd Annual Grow A Beard competition! Last year we had 52 contestants participate, and once again I think the competition will be bigger than the last. This will be a long detailed blog, but here you'll find all the details on what you need to do to be included in the fully follicaled festivities. Along with the usual contest rules, this year we will be including a category for the guys that will not shave thier already giant beards. At the final event party, we will have a judging for the best beastliest beard!

- SUBMIT A CLEAN SHAVE PHOTO: The latest you can submit your photo is 11:59pm (Wednesday Sept. 11th). This is for the beardGROWING contest, you have to shave your already existing beard to compete. Don't be a chump - don't cheat. Email your photo to

- SEND A PHOTO EVERY WEDNESDAY: We will be posting a blog with updated photos every Thursday for the duration of the competition. This means we need your photo every wednesday by midnight. Be creative, have fun, entertain the spectators, and feel free to talk a little smack.

- LAST: You have to last the entire 2 months to be eligible to win.

- OTHER RULES: You can only win one category. I (Dusty Gilpin) will participate but cannot win. Everybody that lasts the entire 2 months will recieve parting gifts. Winners of the main 4 categories will recieve some amazing gifts from local businesses. The final party, award ceremony, and on site judging will be held at the Tree & Leaf Plaza location during LIVE on the Plaza, November 8th.

- IF YOU CAN: Send your photos pre cropped to 720 pixels wide. You will not be discredited if you do not have these capabilities, but it seriously helps us in uploading them faster.

CATEGORIES: Fullest Beard, Best Mustache, People's Choice, Beard Fail, Barber's Choice, and Old Timer Beard. Contest will be decided by an internet poll. Barbers Choice and Old Timer Beard categories will be judged LIVE by a panel of judges including Carwin's Shave Shop head barber, Chuck Naifeh!

Fullest Beard: Exactly how it sounds. We're looking for the longest, bushiest, testosterone charged, unadulterated 2 month master grower of beardliness.

Best Mustache: This category is for the guys who can't quite get the full beard growing, but can still don some wicked lip hair. Also a good route for industry professionals who might have rules about facial hair.

People's Choice: This is a no holds bar competition. All is fair play. This category will also be decided by an online poll, so entertaining the audience with creative and ridiculous photos is encouraged.

Beard Fail: This category is to reward the men with real heart out there. They know they can't grow a beard, but they'll try anyway. A patchy, uneven, doesn't-quite-grow-in-some-spots beard is what we're looking for.

Barber's Choice: Barber's Choice is a category for the creative. Last year a "Monkey Tail" walked away with this prize. Starburns, Warrio Mustache, Fanz Joseph, Chin Curtian, etc... This category is all about style.

Old Timer Beard: The last few years, I've had a lot of complaints about guys that don't want to shave their beards that have aged to perfection. I can't blame them! A beard is a bond that's hard to break. This category is for the fella with the beard over 2 months. This category is not included in the weekly photo growing contest. We call this group the 'showers', and the other categories are the 'growers.' LIVE judging only during our final beard party on November 8th.

PRIZES: This is the best part. As you can see we only have 6 categories, so these prize packs are going to be ridiculous. Anyone that's attended the event in the past knows that we get the best local businesses to donate gifts to our winners. Tattoo gift certificates, high quality shaving supplies, clothing, art, food certificates.... This is the only contest where you don't have to do anything to win.

We look forward to your participation! Get prepped up for 2 months of no-shaving, and get your trash talk ready for the competition!

I don't want to hear any hubbub about this being a chauvinisticly sexist contest. It is what it is, we love the ladies but for the judge's sake this contest is for the GENTLEMEN ONLY.