Create Stuff


Have you visited the Plaza District's Little Library? It's a great way to recycle and trade used books. The Little Library has an everchanging selection of books and we love the thought behind it. We decided to create our own little library dubbed the Zine Machine! It's currently filled with lots of unique zines from Drink & Draw, Tree & Leaf, LER LER LER, and the Holey Kids. We greatly encourage you to create your own zine and trade! Zines are simple to make and can come in any shape or size. Check out this instructional page if you're intersted in getting into the zine trade and come swap with us! 

We had a GREAT time at LIVE on the Plaza this last Friday. Entake had an awesome show, and we were so busy that I didn't even get good photos! I did catch one picture of Sker painting the side of the van however. Thanks again to everyone that came out!

The finished product:

We also had a nice little paint session at the Printshop this weekend. Slomo, Teef and I all gave the shop a fresh coat of paint. If you want to see more Oklahoma graffiti follow: @Chris_Sker@Professional_Doodler@PappasConHuevos, and @TruDust! Have a great week, and go create something!